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Cruise Ship Fires
Zenith Pullmantur Cruises Ship Fire

2,400 Aboard Off Italy Coast June 25, 2013

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Cruise Ship Fires
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Zenith Pullmantur Cruises Ship Fire

2,400 Aboard Off Italy Coast June 25, 2013

In the early morning hours of June 25, 2013, as the ship was sailing between Ravenna and Venice, Pullmantur Cruises Zenith cruise ship made its way from Ravenna to Venice in Italy, a fire broke out 20 miles from the coast of Italy.

All 1,800 passengers were rescued, the ship was towed to port for repairs, but 600 crew remained on the disabled cruise ship for a period of five days. The cruise ship had no electricity, no working toilets and all food was rationed for the crew.

A lawsuit was brought by former crew member who worked as a waiter, in the Brazilian Regional Labor Court of the 9th Region.

In April 2016, Judge Carlos Henrique de Oliveira Mendonca awarded damages for unsanitary working conditions totaling $ 50,000 Brazil Real which is the equivalent of US $14,270.

Brazilian court allowed the lawsuit, saying the fire had originated while the ship had been in a port under their jurisdiction. The ruling is being appealed.

Pullmantur Cruises is the largest Spain-based cruise line. The company mainly markets to Spanish passengers, although cruises on Pullmantur ships are also sold by some travel operators outside the Spanish-speaking world.

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