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Cruise Ship Fires
Sorrento Ferry Fire April 28 2015

156 Passengers Evacuated Sorrento Ferry From Palma de Mallorca to Valencia, Spain

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Cruise Ship Fires
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Transmediterranea Sorrento Ferry FireApril 28, 2015

156 Ferry Passengers Evacuated

On April 28, 2015, around 1350 local time, Transmediterranea ferry Sorrento caught fire with 156 passengers aboard while Sorrento was sailing from Palma de Mallorca to Valencia, Spain. Sorrento was 20 nautical miles (37km) off the coast of Palma de Mallorca at the time of the fire.

All the passengers were evacuated into lifeboats.

Four ferry crew members were evacuated by Spain's Guardia Civil helicopter, reportedly due to smoke inhalation. The rest of the crew and passengers were transferred to lifeboats then rescued by another ferry.

Spain's coastguard sent four rescue ships from the coast guard and ordered all other ships in the region to take part in the rescue operation.

Sorrento is owned by Atlantica CSPA di Navigazione, from Italy but is run by Transmediterranea. The ferry line Trasmediterranea operates 20 ferries in the Mediterranean region.

Transmediterranea Sorrento, which is 610-feet-long, has a capacity of 1000 passengers and can transport 150 vehicles.

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