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Cruise Ship Fires
Star Princess Fire October 13, 2006

Princess Cruise Lines Star Princess Cruise Ship Fire

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Cruise Ship Fires
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Star Princess Fire October 13, 2006

Princess Cruise Lines Star Princess Cruise Ship Fire

Less than six months after a fire aboard Princess Cruises' Star Princess left the cruise ship with significant damage, many injuries and one passenger dead, another fire struck the cruise ship.The March 23, 2006 had been blamed on a passenger's cigarette on their balcony. This time, the fire was caused in a crew only area of the ship.

While approximately 20 miles south of Newport, Rhode Island Star Princess had one generator (DG 1) increase it load while the 5 other generators started to shed their load. It was noted that that wiring in the switchboard for DG 1 was sustaining a small electrical fire.

The fire was extinguished with a handheld CO2 extinguisher and problem fixed within an hour.

The problem was determined to be an electrical short in the DG 1 switchboard.

Maneuverability/propulsion was not affected as the EEDG's were online during repairs. Vessel promptly reported incident to Station Castle Hill, who in turn reported to Sector SENE Command Center;

However, Sector SENE Prevention Department was not notified until later that evening following receipt of a 2692 in NY. NY IO notified Sector SENE Command Center of the 2692 who in turn notified Prevention Department personnel. This error allowed Star Princess to set sail again without a fitness for service inspection.

Star Princess was already in route to NY. NY placed a COTP on the vessel requiring fitness for service by the vessel's class society.

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