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Cruise Ship Fires
Enchantment Of The Seas Fire Aug 20, 2007

Royal Caribbean Cruises Enchantment Of The Seas Fire

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Cruise Ship Fires
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Enchantment Of The Seas Fire August 20, 2007

Royal Caribbean Cruises Enchantment Of The Seas Fire

Royal Caribbean Cruises Fire - Enchantment Of The Seas August 20, 2007

An investigation into fires aboard Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines' Enchantment Of The Seas revealed that life jackets stored in passengers' cabins were causing fires.

The investigation began after a fire was reported in passenger cabin # 4544. The fire was extinguished in around six minutes.

During the investigation, it was discovered that that a faulty life jacket light is suspected to be the reason for starting the fire. The life jacket was stored in a storage locker wardrobe in the passenger cabin.

A review of the case determined that this was at least the second case of a light on a life jacket type light causing a fire. Another incident was reported on August 22, 2007 when a fire broke out in a lifeboat.

The lights for the lifeboats were also supplied by Danyang Jiuxing. One such device caused a fire in lifeboat number seventeen on August 22, 2007.

In checking on the life jackets, it was discovered that the lifejacket lights were manufactured and attached to life jackets sold to Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines by Danyang Jiuxing Marine Equipment Co., Ltd of China.

The life jacket lights only have a life span of three to five years.

The company's website says, "Danyang Jiuxing Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Danyang City, was established in 1984. We specialize in series lifesaving and illume products on shipping. There into, battery lifesaving clothes lamp on seawater was appraised as excellent new product in Jiangshu Province."

This would be the worst case scenario and a really unlucky day for someone. A passenger has to evacuate the ship, gets into a lifeboat and is at sea when not only the life jacket bursts into flames, but so does the boat they are in.

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