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Carnival Pride Fire May 16, 2009

Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Pride Fire

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Carnival Pride Fire May 16, 2009

Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Pride Fire

May 16, 2009 Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Pride Fire

There was a fire aboard the Carnival Cruise Lines', Carnival Pride on May 16, 2009.

Usually, even the smallest of cruise ship fires make news somewhere, but this fire was no tiny incident. An internal company report says that the fire was large enough for 35 fire extinguishers to be used to fight the fire and it knocked out the internet service aboard.

How the officers and crew aboard the ship managed to explain the internet being out, is yet to be discovered, but clearly passengers weren't told there was a fire aboard. In fact, it seems nearly impossible that was a fire of that size took place aboard and not a word of it was uttered in the rumor mills over at Cruise Critic and other solid pro-industry websites. Still, that is the case.

The official cruise line record states, in part, ". . . on May 16, 2009 while underway from Freeport Bahamas to Baltimore Maryland, a fire started onboard the vessel in the battery room. The fire was extinguished and a re-flash watch was set. The Safety Officer reported that the area is clear of smoke and the temperature dropped down to acceptable values.

He also stated that the battery room supported non essential safety equipment onboard the vessel such as internet services. The vessel docked at South Locust Point terminal with no further incident occurring and they refilled all 35 fire extinguishers used during the fire."

When I think of a tiny fire, I think one fire extinguisher, a small five maybe up to six fire extinguishers, a fire that is beginning to be tough maybe a dozen fire extinguishers. The record states that 35 units were used. That is a bully fire for sure, though nowhere near evacuation level.

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