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Cruise Ship Fires
Carnival Freedom Fire February 6, 2010

Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Freedom Fire

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Carnival Freedom Fire February 6, 2010

Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Freedom Fire

February 6, 2010 Carnival Cruise Lines - Carnival Freedom Fire

Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ship Freedom, had a fire reported in crew cabin number 2-505.

The fire did not spread to any other cabin and was contained to a rain jacket on the deck inside the cabin.

Watch personnel responded to a smoke detector alarm and extinguished the fire using a wet towel.

The fire was caused by two intoxicated crew members celebrating the birth of a child in which a rain jacket was accidentally caught on fire. Neither of the crew member involved remember the incident or the fire

The vessel sustained no smoke or structural damage to the cabin or surrounding spaces nor was the structural fire protection damaged.

Carnival Freedom has an alcohol policy in place in which the Master, Staff Captain and Security Officer followed. Alcohol testing was conducted per the policy and both crew members were over the limit for "off-duty". The off-duty limit is blood alcohol level, one crew member blew on the 1st test and on second test and the second crew member blew a blood alcohol level.

Both crew members were removed from their cabin and relieved of all duties. Both members work under the Shore Excursion department and are not involved in the direct safety of the passengers onboard the vessel.

The master of the vessel recommended to Carnival Corp that both crew members be terminated due to the nature of the incident.

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