Cruise Ship Fires

Cruise Ship Fires
MS Lord Selkirk II Fire June 19, 2012

River Cruise Ship MS Lord Selkirk II Fire in Selkirk, Manitoba

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Cruise Ship Fires
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MS Lord Selkirk II Fire June 19, 2012

River Cruise Ship MS Lord Selkirk II Fire in Selkirk, Manitoba

CMS Lord Selkirk II caught fire in Selkirk, Manitoba, Canad on June 19, 2012. The cruise ship was a total loss and arson is suspected. CMS Lord Selkirk II cruised the Red River and around Lake Winnipeg on multi-day excursion with 130 passengers and 40 crew members.

The cruise ship was used as a river and lake freighter and also had refrigerated and freezer cargo compartments,and 120 tons of cargo fuel capacity.

CMS Lord Selkirk II was launched June 7, 1969 and was owned by Dr. Joseph Slogan of Selkirk, Manitoba, after going through a long list of owners including Manitoba provincial government through Venture Manitoba Tours in the 1978 season. Her last voyage was in the 1990 season.

The owners of CMS Lord Selkirk II went bankrupt and abandoned it, leaving the province of Manitoba and City of Selkirk to split the $400,000 cost of removing it. CMS Lord Selkirk II had been sitting at the dock, rusting into the river and said to be polluting the water.

in July 2010, CMS Lord Selkirk II was sold to SaskSteel for scrap. The cruise ship was finally removed in December 2015. One CMS Lord Selkirk II lifeboat and her anchor will be put into the Marine Museum of Manitoba.

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