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Cruise Ship Fires
Aqua Amazon Fire Explosion July 16, 2016

Aqua Expeditions' Aqua Amazon Fire Explosion Itaya River in Peru

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Aqua Amazon Fire Explosion July 16, 2016

Aqua Expeditions' Aqua Amazon Fire Explosion Itaya River in Peru

On Saturday, July 16, 2016 Aqua Expeditions cruise ship Aqua Amazon exploded and sank in the port of Enapu, along the Itaya River in Peru with 17 crew members aboard. At least seven crew are dead and 13 injured. There were no passengers aboard at the time of the explosion.

Several crew members were forced to jump into the water to avoid the flames and were pulled from the river by onlookers, while some suffered burns and other injuries in the explosion.

The bodies of five dead crew were still trapped under the ship. A dive team from the Navy continued the recovery effort overnight despite the poor visibility.

The 13 injured victims suffered from severe burn wounds and were taken to Loreto's main hospital and other nearby clinics to be treated.

El Comercio newspaper in Peru reported that the explosion on Aqua Amazon occurred during a refueling operation due to a short circuit. It caused two explosions and a fire. The explosion blew a hole in the hull of the cruise ship, which partially sank.

Aqua Expeditions is a luxury cruise provider with three-day trips starting at $3,480. The company transferred its passengers scheduled to leave on the Aqua Amazon to its other ship in Iquitos, the Aria Amazon. The company also offers river cruises in Singapore, Cambodia and Vietnam.

This explosion was the third cruise ship incident on cruise ships sailling in Amazon rivers this year. There was the Estrella Amazonica Fire on April 12, 2016, which killed two American passengers. Then, on July 13, 2016, the cruise ship Amazon Discovery was attacked by Pirates .

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